Tea Of Australia
Operated by Dry Ideas
Australia's most southern tea grower

Australia is a small tea growing nation. While tea was first trialed in Queensland in the late 1800's it was not untill the 1960's that the first major black tea garden was established in Queensland. Since that time several large black tea growers have become established in Queensland and Northern NSW. In 1990 the Tasmanian government imported the first green tea plants from Japan and began promoting the state to large Japanese green tea companies for establishing new tea plantations. While these companies did not establish in Tasmania one, Ito En Australia established itself in the sub alpine regions of Victoria with 12 local growers supplying tea to their factory and a second company, Kunitaro established their own tea garden in NSW. The owners of Dry Ideas in Tasmania were involved in the intial activities with the Tasmanian government and established their own small niche commercial tea garden on their property in 1996. Since then a small commercial niche tea gardens has become established using green tea plants on the NSW south coast and a second small niche grower has established in Southern Queensland.

This web site aims at bringing information about all small growers together in one location and to provide a mechanism for the economic online purchase of small quantities of tea from each of the estates for consumers to try.

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